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Psychotherapist and instructor Evan Marks wanted more than just to launch a private practise; he has developed a modality of cognitive treatment effective with addictions, and needs to reach out to colleagues, clinics, hospitals and groups and train professionals and clients in these techniques.

So he needed more than just a business card. We created a large trifold brochure that could also function as the folder for additional pages customized for the audience and printed in his office on a branded shell paper.

Evan_MG_0015“The rich and positive aura of this brochure is helpful in communicating the Adaptation™ concept, particularly to professionals. And it makes me look well established in my field.”


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Book covers are a delicious project, a wonderful collaboration between author and designer. Authors have such a clear idea about their book, it’s a pleasure to work with a client who is so engaged. A book cover is a glimpse of the story within.

Like any creative project, the best one comes about after exploring many options, and are often surprising, not the planned destination. That’s the magic of  design: follow the cues of what is working, let go of what isn’t, and let the process lead you.





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