Easy-to-Manage Websites


It’s Possible to Have it All!

At Clearwell Co. we specialize in fresh, simple and effective web site design that’s easy for you.  We use the fun, friendly WordPress platform, the ideal way to publish your  web site.

Do you:

  • want an easy to update web solution?
  • have a modest budget?
  • have a fast-changing entrepreneurial business?
  • want to invite more customer interaction?
  • need a fresh look for an existing site?
  • hate struggling with new technology?

The WordPress Dashboard makes maintaining your website or blog clear and easy.

If you can use Word,
you can edit a web site.

Really! Using the WordPress platform it’s possible to create a great-looking web site that is not complicated to maintain or update. This platform is perfect for the independent entrepreneur, creative or nonprofit who wants a professional, contemporary site that can grow with your changing needs.


Not ‘technical’? No Worries!

We will set up your basic site, create header graphics and color schemes and then teach you how to update the content, working one-on one to customize it exactly for what you need.

Or, if you’d rather focus on other critical projects, we can create the entire site for you.

We even offer hosting and email marketing!

Take a look at some of the sites we’ve done:

* One reason your Clearwell-designed site will look especially wonderful is that we have extensive experience in creating look-and-feel graphics that will personalize your site and help you develop your unique brand.